Writing Pension Orders

One of the most important parts of many property settlements is the pension order. If a pension was earned during the marriage and needs to be divided in the Judgment, be careful how the Judgment is written and whenever possible use an attorney. I recently saw a self-represented client who after 6 years of marriage gave his wife one-half of his union pension in their stipulated Judgment. Two years later he learned that he had given her one-half of 25 years worth of pension benefits, not one-half of the 6 years they were married. Despite the unfairness of this result to husband, the Court would not set aside the Judgment and husband lost a good portion of his retirement. This result could have been avoided had husband consulted an attorney and added the words “one-half of the community interest,” or even better “one-half of the interest earned after date of marriage and before date of separation (and placed those dates in the Judgment).”

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