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Top Ten Ways to Make Your Divorce More Expensive

(Extracted from Volume 33, Issue 4 of the State Bar Family Law News)

#10 – Go to Court over even the smallest issue. File as many Motions and Requests for Hearings as possible and always refuse to settle anything in advance.

#9 – Blame your spouse for everything, even when it has nothing to do with the issues of the case and diverts everyone’s attention from settlement.

#8 – Hire a private investigator to follow your spouse around even though you live in a State where fault either doesn’t matter at all, or influences the settlement very little.

#7 – Refuse to speak to your spouse except through attorneys. Don’t talk settlement until the Court forces you to do so.

#6 – If your relationship is deteriorating daily, be sure to continue to stay in the same house to save money. As tensions escalate, call the police and you or your spouse may get to spend the night in jail.

#5 – Take no responsibility for any aspect of your case. Procrastinate getting documents together and ask your lawyer to handle even the simplest stuff because you don’t have the time.

#4 – Refuse to see a therapist or reach out for help and continue to dwell on the unresolved relationship issues that will inspire you to new levels of anxiety and anger.

#3 – Make sure you are blinded by anger and surrounded only by people who agree with you completely. While you’re at it, take the advice of your closest friends who encourage you to retaliate by doing things like slashing your ex’s tires and throwing their possessions on the lawn.

#2 – Call your lawyer repeatedly. Ideally several times a day; and never follow the lawyer’s advice and instructions.

#1 – Organize nothing. Either bring none of your financial records or requested documents to your attorney, or bring all of your records in a box or bag with no organization so that your lawyer can bill you for the task of organizing your materials.


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