There Is Life After Divorce

They say that divorce is second to death in the list of life occurrences. After being a Legal Assistant for over 30 years, I’d have to say I agree. Families are torn apart, couples who once loved now dislike each other, and the future seems grim at the very least for most people.

I once had a client who was in her early 60s, and while sitting at the counter she fainted from the stress and anxiety of going through her divorce. What was she going to do now? She felt her life was over. I talked with her for quite awhile and told her to try and look at her life like chapters in a book. She just needed to gather the strength and tenacity to move into the next chapter. I told her she could do anything she put her mind to, and to not forget what an important person she is in the eyes of God. At the end of her divorce process, I asked her to come into the office in one year and let me know how she was doing.

One year later she came into the office and told me that she had gone back to college and was majoring in sociology/psychology, and that she really felt good about her life again. She had a purpose and only needed to depend on herself to get where she needed to go. Anytime we go through difficult times in life, we never feel like we’re going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But for those of us who have been through any trying experience, we can say yes, you do get through it, but it just takes time to get to the next chapter. And the next chapter may prove to be better and more fulfilling than the ones before.

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