The Best Interest of Children in Divorce

We love our children and would do anything to protect them. That is why the thought of disrupting their childhood and lifestyle with the effects of a divorce is something that is understandably dreaded. It is never easy, or pleasant, to split up a family unit due to a divorce. A formal document called a Judgment is the end result of a Dissolution of Marriage proceeding and sets forth, among other things, child custody and visitation orders setting forth the time each parent shall share with their children. You have the right to freely arrive at a custody and visitation arrangement between the two of you. In my opinion, this is the best outcome. It displays that your desire to keep your family unit as intact as possible is the most important thing. It takes precedence over any hurt or raw emotions that, unfortunately, oftentimes accompanies a dissolution of a marriage. Words cannot express how much this shared attitude serves the best interests of your children both now and as adults as they are taught by example how a family insists on standing together through a truly tough situation.

Each parent moves forward after a divorce with newfound knowledge that can only be acquired by having gone through a Dissolution of Marriage. I urge you to afford your children this same opportunity. They are young and, no matter their age, the effects of your divorce will have a strong impact on their lives. They love both parents unconditionally. When you are able to see this situation through the eyes of your children, I believe that your children’s stability is, for the most part, unaffected. The whole family wins even though you may not all live in the same home anymore; however, each of you is emotionally impacted as to how your family unit moves forward from this point.

The Attorney you choose to navigate you through the legal aspects of a Dissolution of Marriage can prove to be invaluable in the event that mom and dad cannot reach mutual agreement on custody and visitation issues. The right Attorney is important in sensitive issues such as child custody and visitation, as he or she will negotiate a fair and balanced shared custody/visitation plan that, first and foremost, serves the best interests of your children. As a Paralegal who has worked in Family Law for over 35 years, I believe that an well-chosen Attorney will make him/her available to you and arrive at the best possible custody/visitation arrangement for your particular lifestyle. Never be afraid to discuss this issue, in depth, with your Attorney. You will learn that the Family Law Court is a reunification court that promotes successful co-parenting to the extent that the children spend the optimal time with each parent; each case comes with a unique set of circumstances that differ within each family. Your Attorney and their staff are unbiased, professional third parties that will always want to promote the best interests of your children. That is why you must choose wisely. That is why I recommend our firm, Bawden and Kochis. We care.

If you want to hear more about the latest information on divorce, including what the law says about the best interest of children, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. The Law Office of Bawden and Kochis also handles family law issues regarding adoption, annulment, mediation, domestic violence, child custody, child and spousal support as well as pre-marital and post-marital agreements. Telephone (909)792-0222, or email us at [email protected]

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