Documents Needed For The Divorce Process

How many of us ever think that we’re going to need documentation that dates back 3-5 years (other than those pesky tax returns)? We read and we shred. However, during the divorce process when proof of income and expenses is required, proof is needed for specific bank account information; if property is being divided, we may need those documents. Discovery is an important part of the family law legal process and can be a major factor in determining support issues. When discovery is served on an individual he or she must, by law, provide the documentation/information requested. Examples of documentation that may be requested are as follows:

1. Pay stubs;
2. Insurance documents (life, health, vehicle, disability);
3. Tax returns;
4. Bank statements;
5. Documents regarding applications for credit or loans;
6. Deeds to property and property tax bills;
7. Promissory Notes;
8. Certificates of ownership for all vehicles along with license numbers;
9. Retirement documentation;
10. Stock information;
11. Documents regarding partnerships or businesses owned;
12. Documents regarding any indebtedness.

Hopefully, you will never need to provide the above documentation but keep it in mind the next time you start to dispose of it. Remember to call or e-mail the Law Offices of Richard E. Bawden anytime you need help with these issues. We give “the best advice for the best results.”

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