Divorce and Child Exchanges

One of the most stressful events for separated parents can be child exchanges during the process of a divorce or after a divorce has been finalized. This happens when one or both parents remove their attention from making the exchange a good experience for the child and instead use it to argue other issues such as child support, property or parental behavior. In high conflict cases, parents are often ordered to exchange a child at a public place such as a police station, fast food restaurant, or supermarket entrance. Many parents use these exchange locations without a court order because it reduces the temptation to argue in front of the child. Another exchange technique, especially for older children, is known as “curbside.” This requires the driving parent to remain in his or her car and the other parent to remain in his or her house. The child then walks from car to the house, or the house to the car to complete the exchange. In all cases the goal of the exchange is to transfer the child from one parent to the other in a safe and secure manner without drama or conflict.

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