Consultation Fee and Attorney Fees

The consultation fee for a one hour conference with attorney Bawden is $100.00. Two things to remember when considering whether or not you want to pay a conference fee are as follows:

1. All of the Certified Family Law Specialists that I’m aware of charge a consultation fee. You are paying for specialized advice that a general practitioner will most likely not be able to provide.

2. Attorney Bawden’s hourly rate is $350.00 per hour so in essence you are getting an hour of his time for $100.00 vs. $350.00. Also, any consultation after the first one will be billed at $350.00.

At the time of the consultation attorney Bawden will answer any questions you may have and give you legal advice. He will also find out what the details of your case are and can then quote you an exact retainer fee based on the circumstances involved.

The retainer fee for a dissolution case can vary greatly depending on the following:

1. Whether a couple has children and if custody and visitation is going to be an issue.

2. How extensive are the community assets and debts and will appraisals need to be done?

3.  Are the parties self-employed and will a forensic accountant need to be appointed?

4. Are there various retirements and will joinders and an appointment of a QDRO

specialist be needed?

All of these items are taken into consideration when discussing your case with attorney Bawden. Each case is different and will require various different approaches. So when you call in and ask for an average retainer fee please keep in mind the above. If a dissolution is going to be uncontested, where everything is agreed upon, that will cost approximately $2,500.00. In a simple dissolution action the average retainer fee will cost approximately $3,500.00. Again these are average costs and can go up or down depending on the circumstances of your particular case. Furthermore, when quoting a retainer fee Attorney Bawden is basing the fee on the amount of time he feels the case will take barring any unforeseen circumstances. Often times a case will start out tobe simple or uncontested but because of certain issues that arise it may then become contested which in turn may create higher attorney fees. Our office has a very fair billing system and we try our best to complete a case within the retainer fee quoted.

And remember, Attorney Bawden always gives the best advice for the best results!!

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